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How Far Have We Come and Where Do We Go from Here? Gender Equality in the Judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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The aim of this Report is to develop capacities of higher courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a more efficient mainstreaming of gender equality in the judicial proceedings and practice, as well as to strengthen the role of women in the highest courts of the country, especially at a decision-making level. While progress has been made in aligning domestic laws with international standards, implementing legislation remains challenging. The research highlights the need to take further measures to achieve parity in the judiciary, i.e. as equitable representation of women and men as possible, both as judges and among non-judicial staff, and to ensure that women and men are equally represented in the managerial positions in judiciary. It also underscores the need for ongoing education and sensitization on the issues of gender equality and gender prejudice and stereotypes for the holders of the judicial functions. The report also highlights the challenges such as obstacles to justice for marginalised groups, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside recommendations for improving women’s positions in the judiciary.


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