Database of Court Decisions in BiH

The Database of Court Decisions with respect to the application of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a portal of selected decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the provisions of the ECHR are applied, and in which the practice of the European Court of Human Rights is followed (ECtHR). The ECHR and its protocols have a specific and significant place in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ECHR is directly applied and has priority over all other laws in BiH. This database was created to make court practice regarding the application of the ECHR in BiH easily accessible to experts and the general public.

The database was developed by the AIRE Centre in cooperation with representatives of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It currently contains more than 230 judgments and other decisions of these two courts. In the coming period, the goal is to expand the Database to include the decisions of other courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina (such as the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Srpska and the Court of Appeal of the BrĨko District of BiH).