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Femicide in the Republic of Kosovo: Legal framework and judicial practice 2018-2022


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The report “Femicide in the Republic of Kosovo: Legal framework and judicial practice (2018–2022)” is an in-depth exploration of femicide in Kosovo, which covers the legal framework, statistics, and judicial practice presented through case studies, and provides key findings and recommendations. The report provides an overview of international standards and domestic legal frameworks, highlighting recent improvements as well as legislative shortcomings. Additionally, the report includes information on statistics and data collection in cases of domestic violence and femicide, as well as data on processed femicides and attempted femicides between 2018 and 2022 in Kosovo. Furthermore, the report contains a detailed analysis of four case studies, where specific cases of femicide were presented through brief summary of the case, perpetrator’s personality and behaviour, data on the victim, and criminal proceedings and sanction. Key findings and recommendations are provided at the end of the report to address identified issues and improve justice for victims.


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