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Towards a More Effective National Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights – Guide to Key Convention Principles and Concepts and Their Use in Domestic Courts


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Effective national implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights has been a continued priority and point of debate in recent years. Such implementation is reliant on a general knowledge and understanding of Convention rights and the Court’s jurisprudence, as national judges are only able to give effect to the protected rights at national level if they are familiar with and understand the case law of the Court. This guide was created to assist judges in applying Convention case law in domestic proceedings, but also to be helpful to legal experts and representatives of the NGO community when using the Convention. It has four sections covering (i) a short introduction to and overview of the Convention, (ii) key principles and concepts, (iii) a look at the system for taking cases to the Court and an application’s path through the Strasbourg system, and finally (iv) a more in depth consideration of the principles and guidelines for applying Convention case-law in domestic decision-making.


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