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Analysis of 2016-2018 ECtHR Judgments in Relation to Montenegro (2016 – 2018)


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Every year, the AIRE Center supports the Supreme Court of Montenegro and the Representative of Montenegro before the European Court, in the analysis of cases against Montenegro. This document marked the beginning of a dedicated reading of judgments made by the European Court in relation to Montenegro, with the aim of improving the application of the standards of the European Convention. It contains a total of 36 judgments in which the European Court found a violation. After a brief introduction to the basics of Convention rights, the facts of each case, the relevant principles and the Court’s assessment from each individual judgment are presented. Also, an overview of the enforcement procedure was made, while in the section entitled “Impact on judicial practice”, legislative changes, legal positions of the Supreme Court after the adoption of certain judgments of the European Court and examples of direct application of the Court’s practice by domestic courts, are listed.


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